Friday, July 21, 2006

Ok, here are some pics of our cabin, Helen, GA, Jillian picking berries, Daddy and Billy, and our visit to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. It is hot, hot, hot here. If I'm lyin' I'm dyin, lol!!!

We are going to head off to Delonega today and check it out. Will update later.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hello from Cleveland, Georgia!!! I am sitting a'top a mountain at a wi-fi hotspot and don't you know I forgot to download the pictures! What fun is an entry without some pics to go with the story? It is pretty here. Windy roads, lots of green and trees! The cabin we are staying in is so cute. The people up here are so nice too!! Nana and Pop Pop are letting the girls spend the night with them and Billy and I are enjoying the peace and quiet at night after Baby Billy goes to bed. We visited Helen tonight. What a cute place. It is all done up like a German village. We walked around and checked it all out. The kids loved the Horse and buggies.

Nana made us tacos and enchiladas for dinner. Earlier we went to the Cabbage Patch baby hospital. What an ADORABLE concept!!!! It is so well done. You walk in and there are babies you can adopt. They have it set up like a hospital. There are babies in cribs, etc. Each one of the kids got a baby and we got to watch 2 babies being born!!!!! Too cute!!!!!!

We hoped to go tubing but the water is too low right now. Maybe it will rain in the next couple of days and we will be able to go. When we first got here, we drove all night and got here very early in the morn. We got to see Nana and Pop Pops beautiful place!!!!! We couldn't check in here until 3 pm so we took a nap for a little bit before coming and getting settled in.

I visited Scrapbook Bugs today. A cute little scrapbook store with the nicest lady. I got a couple things to scrap this trip. She invited me to an all day crop on Saturday. I don't want to take that time away from my family though. We'll off I go to enjoy the rest of the trip.
Scrap your memories!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am finally finished with the very first section of Kelly's school album, lol. Her last day of kindergarten. Now I have 1st and 2nd grade still to do. She starts 3rd grade this year. I was hoping to have her pages up to date by now. Speaking of school, I can't believe it starts in a couple of weeks.
My newest decision. My neighbor called and asked me if I would watch her son starting on the first day of school until her daughter gets home. I don't know if I can handle another toddler, but I can certainly use the money. Of course, I'm thinking scrap supplies. He is so cute and it would give Billy a playmate.

We set sail tomorrow. Not literally of course. I hope they have internet connection where we will be staying. Whooo! Can't wait until vacation.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I have spent the bulk of the weekend doing laundry. I never knew 5 people could have so much laundry in all my life We are getting ready to go on vacation in GA. We will be staying in a cabin!!! I'm sure I'll have lots of pics to show when we get back!!!

My dh actually found a scrapbook store for me near where we are staying. How cool is that. He must want to go fishing and golfing, haaaaa.

So the scrapbooking world is all a buzz about the new products that are coming out at summer CHA!! I am loving the new Cosmo Cricket line. Check it out at
The wanted collection is my favorite. CHA summer will be held in Chicago July 20-31. It will be hard but I am on a spending freeze for now. I want all that new stuff!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kelly and I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert on July 1st!!!! Whooo. Just mother and daughter. We had a great time. I wanted to share some picks.

Memories are what we create everyday. They effect who we are, what we do, how we think. What is your favorite memory? Maybe its a special Christmas or birthday. Maybe it's your first kiss. Or maybe its as simple as a smell triggering a moment or place from your past. I miss the smell of the salty ocean. If I listen I can still hear the sound of the waves crashing over the seawall. The rythmic heartbeat of the ocean sliding in and rolling out. I can still remember the screams as the roller coaster at Paragon Park would make its decent down that first treacherous hill. I can hear the wood creak and the bar rattle as it flew over each hill and turn. I can remember the stories of the lady who jumped to her death off the top of that first incline. My own mother and aunts and uncles were working there at the time. I can hear the Merry go round and the music being played.
I loved to watch the old folks dance at the Pavillion. I stood on that beach 10 hours a day twirling my whistle, watching to make sure everyone was safe. I'll never forget the guy I chased in the water and out across the street to Casey's. I quess he was trying to comit suicide by drowning himself. He was fully clothed. To this day I know there was divine intervention because I chased him across the street and into that door and knew he was hiding in the bathroom. It was like a co-pilot was leading me right to him. I later found out he tried to hang himself in his cell.
I remember Uncle Sam's and those stairs. So many stairs! There are so many memories. Good, sad, defining.
I can still hear my grandfather play his acordian and everybody singing. I remember skating at Damon Pond in the winter.
Scrap those memories! They are what your children will want to know. However insignificant they may seem to you they will be of such great interest to your children and your grandchildren. It will give them insight into who you really are and what life was like when you were growing up!!!
I challenge you!!!! Spark up those memories and get them written down.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello Scrappers!!!!! Boy do I have a confession for this past weekend. Not only did I go to a crop on Saturday to benefit Breast cancer but I spent the whole weekend away from the kids and hubby. It was so much fun. Don't get me wrong I love my family but it was just what the doctor ordered "if only doctors really ordered this kind of stuff, lol" I am totally rejuvinated!!

I went to the Bonnie B & B on Friday. We shopped and hung out. Then after the crop we hung out some more in the comfort of her quiet, clean, home!!! It was great. She gave me 4 Starbucks coffee cups and some cool books. This was my bday present.

When I came home on Sunday, the house was actually clean, whooo. Then we went to dinner with Mike, Melissa, and Mac and had to go grocery shopping! Oh how I dread that.

I am taking lots of pics and enjoying life!! Oh my, I almost forgot the big news we got today and the really cool thing that happened to me at Dani's crop.

First, Kim my sister in law called today and announced they will be having a baby! We are so excited for them!! She is due in March, whoo!!!

At Dani's crop I won a door prize. It was the Pampered Chef tool caddy thing that everyone uses for cropping. I was so excited!!! Also I entered a page layout contest for two catagories, Photography and School Memories and I won!!!! I was really excited and tickled. I really am starting to break out of my shell and get those pages out there. Winning helps me not feel so silly about it, lol.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The 4th of July was fun! So was the 3rd of July!! I turned another year older and so did America. A group of us went to the Parade. It was soooo hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully we had super soakers to keep us a little comforted. We parked at the playground and sat by the street. Got lots of candy and beads. We were at the beginning of the parade so we could take off as soon as it was over to go to a cookout or should I say to GET OUT OF THE HEAT!!! The cookout was nice and relaxing. All the kids played and the adults got to sit and relax a bit. Later we all went outside (neighbors) to watch the fireworks. Of course it was our usual crew and Dubba-D stopped by after the Red Sox game. They lost! I am not too happy about that!!!! The Yankees got smoked too so that lightens the upset just a little, lol.

For my birthday the kids made be Queen for the day and served me breakfast in bed. Oatmeal and toast with peanut butter, very cute!!!!! I got some SCRAPBOOK STUFF of course that my cute hubby picked out all by himself. We also had a cake. My mom took me clothes shopping, whooo!! I rarely shop for clothes because I'd rather spend my money on scrapsupplies, see the top 10 reasons you know you are a scrap addict.

Happy Birthday America. Thank you to all the troops who make our freedom possible.