Friday, June 23, 2006

Scraplist Challenge #2 from 2Peas

I just couldn't do. I couldn't leave my page the way it was. I will post it tomorrow I forgot to take a pic of it in natural light. Too much dead space up top. I really don't know how people do it? When they do I LOVE how it looks but I just can't seem to do that myself. So I changed it a little by moving my letters up and adding some Prima flowers.

Next challenge has been posted to Lisa(photo above). I think others want to join it. I can't wait to see al the different variations. We have until the end of the weekend to complete it.

Hung out with the kids in the pool today after running errands. I didn't even take pics. Imagine that, my children got to actually enjoy themselves without the crazy lady with the camera looking over their shoulders yelling, "hold that pose", "do that again!" "smile, I said smile" "can't you just sit still for one minute so I can get this picture, Billy, Billy, look at me, Jillian don't look away until the camera clicks, Kelly leave Billy alone and just smile" "Kelly you are old enough keep looking at the camera eventually Billy will look" Uggg poor kids.

I got my Scraprack yesterday!!! Whooo! I am in the process of organizing all my stuff.
I also got my shipment from I Remember When!!!!! So many mail goodies!!! I got all kinds of Jeneva paper on sale! I am going to make up packs and sell them.

I am doing great on my attempt to start to go to bed by midnight. Lets see it's 2:37 am. Have a scrappy day (that was dorky but it needed to be said!)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I entered a challenge with a friend. We both scraplifted the same layout from 2 peas. It is the one titled "loot". We had to do it fast. It was fun to see what we each came up with. This was a great challenge for me. I usually tinker with a page forever. It felt good to get a page completed. I do have a tough time with the top being so bare. I was trying to keep with the pic we scraplifted from by leaving the blank space at the top. I will probably go back and fix it. It's really driving me crazy. I realize I was being too legalistic about following the challenge exactly. I used to think I didn't scraplift but I do. You just morph off an idea you see and that can still be considered scraplifting.

We went to the movies today to see Dreamer with the kids and some friends. We had a good time and it was great to get the kids out. Tomorrow we are supposed to go swimming in the pool. Yippie! It is a great relief from this seriously HOOOTTTTT SUMMER SUN!!! Ouch it is scortching!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jillian and Billy
Playin in the pool

Opening up mail from Nana & Pop Pop

More pics!

Confessions of a Scrapbooker

Ok, so I decided I really need to try and use the stuff I have instead of buying more. I think all scrappers try and talk themselves into this from time to time. I actually turned down a road trip to a Scrapbook Store in Orlando tomorrow. I'm really trying. So lets see how long I can pull of my self ban on buying. That would also mean I would have to challenge myself to use what I have so I can buy more. So hmmm, a page, a project a day perhaps??? With three kids home for the summer, can I do it realistically. Hmmmm, maybe a project a week and make myself submit something. Hmmm. It all sounds good for a goal but, OK NO BUTS, I'm having an argument her with myself, lol. I'm going to start there. I project/page a week and I must get over my fears and submit. Ok, its a self challenge. I'm on!!!!

We spent Father's Day at Lithia Springs. We had a picnic then took a walk. The kids played on the playground and had a great time. We put our feet in the springs. It is such a beautiful place.

Later on we went to dinner with Mike, Melissa, and Mac. We had to wait nearly 2 hours to be seated so the manager brought appetizers to our table to make up for it, lol. Mac was having a rough night so Mike and Melissa didn't get to enjoy their meal. It brought back a lot of memories!

On Sunday DH had to work in the evening so we spent the day tooling around. It was a very nice weekend.

My Confession - the whole time I was taking pictures I was thinking about the scrapbook pages I would create for them. I'm sick, sick, sick!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Hello today is Saturday. We are celebrating fathers day today because DH has to work t0morrow night. We were supposed to go hang out for the day at Ft. Desoto park but hubby crashed when he got home from work this morning. My daily confession, it is probably my fault because he tried to wake me up and I didn't budge, so off he drifted after working 21 hours staight. So now it's almost 2 pm and we are trying to come up with something fun to do with the kids to salvage the rest of the day. I'll post what we come up with.

Jennifer Childs the founder of IRW posted photos of the BAZZILL factory. Talk about drewling!!!! Oh what I wouldn't give to fondle all that awesome paper. The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I need to add that to my list of dream vacations!! Hey, your reading Confessions of a Scrapbooker, afterall!

My scrap space.

I had an epiphany today. I checked out Donna Downey's web site and she has her scrap room set up in her living room. I was so excited to find this out. I have a very over active imagination and I envision her scrap area being the size of a warehouse. Remember, refer back to you may be an addict if . . . your idea of celebs are . . .Donna Downey, etc. Her room is GORGEOUS and yes it is in her living room!!! Complete with shelves from IKEA but I thought I was one of the only scrappers out there with there scrap space in the LIVING ROOM!! If Donna Downey can do it, I can do it, so no more appologies from me about my living room! Haaa

Confessions of a Scrapbooker! Ok, I'm an addict. I admit it. Most of us do. You know who you are out there. We know we're obsessed with our craft. We shop, we talk, we get together, we shop, we create, and we shop some more. It not just a hobby, its an addiction. I think the manufacturers out there are well aware of our weaknesses! Show me an avid scrapper and I will almost guarantee there is addiction to it in one form or another.

Here are 10 ways you know you might have a problem

1. Your child falls and scrapes her knee and you are thinking, hold on, I'll get to you after I finish this one last thing . . . on my page.

2. Your phone rings and you are annoyed that it is interupting your conversation on one of your yahoo groups.

3. Your closest friends, or the ones you talk to daily, are somewhere in cyber space.

4. Your idea of a celebrity is Lisa Bearnson, Donna Downey, Stacy Julian, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Shannon Taylor etc.

5. Your dream vacation would be a cruise or a weekend at Creating Keepsakes University with any and all of the above named "celebrities" . . . or you plan your family vacation around what scrapbook stores are in the area.

6. Everytime you have to make a purchase on something other than scrap supplies you cringe and think about what you could have bought with that money if you could have used it for scrap supplies. You no longer like to buy clothes or food because it may cut into your scrap spending.

7. You wait to bring your new scrap goodies in the house when your DH isn't home so you don't have to make it obvious what you are spending.

8. If you want to name your new dog Bazzill Rathbone, you might have a problem.

9. If you find yourself setting your alarm clock to 3 am to catch Lisa Bearnson's new product launch on QVC, you might be an addict.

10. If everytime you leave your house and your kids come running up to you screaming, mommy don't leave, don't go crapbooking! You just might have a problem!

But the one sure sign to absolutely know, you are a full blown addict, is when you plan to go to the beach just so you can use up some of that cool beach paper you've been eyeing.