Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boston 2007

We are here in Boston enjoying the sunshine and the not so sunshine. Each day is a mystery what the weather will bring but no matter what it is, I LOVE it!!!! Cloudy and rainy, go visiting family and friends. Cold and clear, walk the beach and enjoy the brisk wind!!! Hot and sunny, Beach anyone? So far we've had it all! There is nothing like the air here. I can't explain it. It is just so crisp and satisfying. So far we've hung out at Fenway Park and The Cask N' Flagon. We've been to the beach, the movies, met the triplets, bumped into old teachers, been to soccer games, and cookouts, had our ceremonial Chinese food and Steak and Cheese sub from Vickies, dined at Schooners, Billy had lobster at the Ocean Club, he went to the Red Sox ~ Yankees game at Fenway, and I could go on and on! The kids are having a great time with all their cousins. I don't think we will ever go back! Here are some pics of the other day at the beach. Have a great June!!!