Friday, July 27, 2007

My Birthday Scavenger Hunt

While I was in Boston my friends and family planned a fun Birthday Party for me! It started off as a scavenger hunt. There were two teams. We had to go and take pictures at the old places I used to live and do some funny stuff that all pertained to my life growing up! We had to find 3 people I graduated with and have my pic taken with them. It was interesting when I would knock on the door of someone I haven't seen in years and ask for a pic. Not only that but I had to do it quickly because we were on a time crunch!!!!!!! "Hi how are you, I haven't seen you in years but I can't talk right now, I just need a pic" fortunately we had Geri on our team and she knows everyone and where they live now, lol!!!!!!!!!! We had to ride the carousel, spell the word Hull in people, rearrange someones porch furniture in the street (of course we put it back) After the scavenger hunt we all went back to Theresa and Joe's. Then we all went to the beach to watch all the fireworks displays. What an incredible experience. All along the beach are bonfires and fireworks displays for miles. It is really something to see!!! Then we went back to Theresa's and partied the rest of the night! I got some amazing gifts! I have to give a huge shout out to Kristen and Cindy for all the work they did planning the Scavenger Hunt and all the food, etc. and to Geri for all her amazingness!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much, I LOVE you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our House, in the middle or our street

July in Florida is HOT!!!! Especially when my DH is doing work out in the yard between him and the natural FL heat they almost started a bonfire, haaaaaaaa!!!

We've been working on sprucing up the place. We finally have decided that as much as we would like to make it work in this house our kids are getting bigger and it's time to move on. Kelly and Jillian sharing a room has just about killed them AND US!

It will be hard because we moved here when Kel was just about 4 months old. We've brought the other terrors, I mean kids home from the Hospital in this house. We have a lot of fond memories but enough ado about everything, IT'S TIME TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!