Saturday, December 22, 2007


Moving back home has been a dream for me for a long time. Well, It finally happened! We packed up and shipped out on October 4th. It was a ton of work and we busted our butts for many weeks to make it happen. It was quite an adventure. Unfortunately, in all the hull-a-buloo, I lost my camera. I wasn't able to take pics of the house when we left. I didn't get a picture of the big yellow Penske truck daddy and Billy drove. Chonks was so excited to drive in that big truck with daddy. Everytime we saw a truck like that on the road since the move, Billy yells, "hey, there's my daddy's truck!"
We got here the first weekend in October. No camera for that either. I also didn't have a camera for the kids first day at Jacobs School or Billy's first day of pre-school. Their first Halloween. Billy and Jillian's birthday, the first snow fall of the year, Big Billy shoveling snow for the first time, Thanksgiving, and on and on and on it goes. It's a scrapbookers nightmare! I will have to find a clever way of preserving those moments even if I don't have pics.

On a positive note, I found my camera last weekend!!! Whooooo, just in time for pics for the Christmas cards and Christmas and a fun time in the snow!

I have to say, Big Billy has been quie the trooper. I told him the winters here are very mild. It has already snowed more times this year than it did in all the previous five years combined. Of course, we would pic the harshest season. As I tell my family, "hey, thats the way I roll". We had to replace the transmission in our van right after we got here. That was a quick 18 hundred but where there is a ying there is also a yang. As many crazy things that has happend, there have been as many great things that have happened. Billy is really loving his job! The commute is a bit of a nightmare but the job itself is awesome. I am so glad he is happy. I've been enjoying spending time with my family and friends. I've really missed this lifestyle for so long. The kids are adjusting quite nicely as well. Kelly now goes by the name McKel at school and she loves it. People are always telling her how cool her name is. We've done our Christmas shopping already and we are just about ready to have Santa come.
no longer cameraless in Boston

We go to Mike and Melissa's for a kid party tomorrow. We are so looking forward to seeing them and baby Mikey.