Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Memories are what we create everyday. They effect who we are, what we do, how we think. What is your favorite memory? Maybe its a special Christmas or birthday. Maybe it's your first kiss. Or maybe its as simple as a smell triggering a moment or place from your past. I miss the smell of the salty ocean. If I listen I can still hear the sound of the waves crashing over the seawall. The rythmic heartbeat of the ocean sliding in and rolling out. I can still remember the screams as the roller coaster at Paragon Park would make its decent down that first treacherous hill. I can hear the wood creak and the bar rattle as it flew over each hill and turn. I can remember the stories of the lady who jumped to her death off the top of that first incline. My own mother and aunts and uncles were working there at the time. I can hear the Merry go round and the music being played.
I loved to watch the old folks dance at the Pavillion. I stood on that beach 10 hours a day twirling my whistle, watching to make sure everyone was safe. I'll never forget the guy I chased in the water and out across the street to Casey's. I quess he was trying to comit suicide by drowning himself. He was fully clothed. To this day I know there was divine intervention because I chased him across the street and into that door and knew he was hiding in the bathroom. It was like a co-pilot was leading me right to him. I later found out he tried to hang himself in his cell.
I remember Uncle Sam's and those stairs. So many stairs! There are so many memories. Good, sad, defining.
I can still hear my grandfather play his acordian and everybody singing. I remember skating at Damon Pond in the winter.
Scrap those memories! They are what your children will want to know. However insignificant they may seem to you they will be of such great interest to your children and your grandchildren. It will give them insight into who you really are and what life was like when you were growing up!!!
I challenge you!!!! Spark up those memories and get them written down.

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