Monday, July 28, 2008

Tedy is Born!!!!

Finally, Tedy Joshua Paul H has arrived! On July 6th, 2008. He is my cousin's baby and I am so excited to be here to watch him grow up! He is adorable! We went to see him at the hospital and he was so alert for a baby just hours old. It was love at first sight!!!! Congrats Lisa, Marc and Courtnie!

July 2008

Summer is flying by! We've been having a great time so far. Lots of beach trips. The 4th of July was amazing. We spent the day at the beach. Ordered pizza for supper. Then we spent the evening watching all the fireworks displays. I swear it gets bigger and better every year. You look all along the stretch of the beach and there are fireworks and bonfires all up and down the shoreline. On July 3rd, my birthday, we did the same thing. Fireworks as far as the eye can see. We can even see the fireworks across the water in all the different locations. We spent July 3rd on the beach and Kristen showed up with a cake from carvel and they all sang happy bday to me. It was so cute!! Billy spoiled me rotten. He bought me a new Canon camera! I've always wanted one ever since we got one in a pawn shop out west somewhere when he was working for the Cincinati Reds(spell?). That thing took the best pictures!!!! Anyhoo, he got me a really awesome camera so I was happy with that. Next thing I know he walks in the door with three bags from Brighton!!!!!!!!!!! He got me a necklace with matching bracelet and earrings. He also got a hair scrungie and clip!!! Geez, am I spoiled or what! I don't have too many pics to share because I wont take my camera to the beach. My other camera broke that way.