Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ok, I've got issues! Who doesn't right. It is 1 in the morning and I'm blogging. Hmmmm, I have to get up with the kids and I have to be at Jillian's award ceremony by 8:15 am. Anyhoo, how about that American Idol in Seattle! Very interesting folks turned out for that one.

Have you Checked out yet? Great site for all you scrap addicts out there.

Ok, enough babble I need to update pic's. My neice Love came to visit on Sunday and Monday. The kids had off school and we had so much fun. My kids were fighting over her. It was nice to see them playing with their cousin!!!!!! Hopefully we will be seeing more of her She is sooooo cute.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random pics
Daddy flipping pancakes for Mrs. Buck's 3rd grade class. Kelly was so happy her daddy volunteered for the read in. There was quite a bit of rivalry between the men and their pancakes. Is there anything they won't turn into a sport. First it was who's were the roundest, cooked the best and who's didn't stick to the pan. Daddy of course, being the cook that he is, had no problem with his perfectly rounded and cooked masterpieces! Look at those pancakes on that griddle!!!!!!!!!!

Billy and daddy on a tractor. We went to a birthday party for Hollis and the theme was a farm. They had it at a friends house who owns a beautiful barn and acres of property. Billy was very enamored by the tractor and he just had to try it out!

Them some more Christmas pics.

I haven't been on here since November. We had a quiet Thanksgiving and that weekend we had Jillians birthday party. We had a nice Christmas and New Year how 'bout you? I have made some Ressies' for the New Year, scrap related of course.

I would like to involve myself less in idle scrap projects and focus more on getting pages and projects done that I really need done. This is a particularly tough one if your familiar with

Lots of good stuff to keep me busy there!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to get organized! Haaaaaaaaa didn't I say that last year? It's a perpetual problem.

I would like to enter the HOF contest but I just don't thing it will happen this year. It's a lot of work and I'm not sure I care enough to do all of it. That sounds awful I know.

Non scrap related~I would like to get my house on the market but that would mean all my scrap stuff would have to be put away. My first confession of the new year: I don't think I can live without my scrap stuff so I have no idea how we will ever get this house ready. Yes, my scrap stuff is THAT important. I can't even get my DH to hang curtains for me, its been months now, so I won't have to worry about him nagging me to get the house ready. Who knows maybe next year that will still be on my Resolutions list.

Try to contain yourself after reading such riveting news, lol! I need to go and download some pics.