Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday Season

Just seeing if your paying attention

Hello again. I was thinking how cool blogging can really be. Years from now my children can look back at this blog and get a snapshot of their life, as told in real time. Ok, so it's a very, very, small snapshot but how cool. It's kind of a diary of life.

So, not only are all my babes off to school they are all another year older. 11, 8, and 6. Billy is doing great in Kindergarten and mama couldn't let him go so I got a job working at the school. I get to see all three of my kiddo's every day. It is a huge eyeopener and a blessing to see them in their environment at school. There are also a few other kids that shall remain nameless that make my life difficult at school but kids will be kids. I am working as the lunch/recess monitor. So much for my degree, lol. McKel had a fun bday. Her friends came over for a scrapbook get together. Billy's bday was a family party and my precious Jillian chose to have a date with me instead of having a party. That is true love. The love I get from Jillian. Most people don't understand how passionate she is. We had so much fun. A table full of gifts awaited her when she woke up. She got to open a few before school. She had a cupcake party in her class. Then when she got home I took her to dinner at Margarita's. They gave her a sombrero. We ate and then they sang to her and gave her fried ice cream. She had a huge smile on her face and we both enjoyed so much being able to spend quality time together. After dinner, we went to the movies to see HSM3. I got her a kid pack. It didn't come with a slush but I bought her one seperate and she was sooooooooooo excited. She was queen for a day. When we got home everyone yelled surprise and she got to open the rest of her gifts. I Have the funniest picture of her passed out in the car. She was exhausted.

A couple of days later was Thanksgiving and we had a family party for her. Dubba D gave her a beautiful lamp for her room. Cindy as always gave her really cool stuff.

The kids had a little Thanksgiving program at school. Billy's was in Mrs. DeiCicci's and Jillians was in the cafetorium. McKel had a feast with the fifth grade team that I missed because it was at the same time as Billy's.

Thanksgiving was a blast! Mr and Mrs. T came with Michelle, Steve, Ber, JA and all the kids. Cindy, Jeannie, DubbaD, Lisa, Mark, Theresa, Chris, Alyssa, etc. all came. We skipped the town bonfire though so we could hang out and visit.