Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The 4th of July was fun! So was the 3rd of July!! I turned another year older and so did America. A group of us went to the Parade. It was soooo hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully we had super soakers to keep us a little comforted. We parked at the playground and sat by the street. Got lots of candy and beads. We were at the beginning of the parade so we could take off as soon as it was over to go to a cookout or should I say to GET OUT OF THE HEAT!!! The cookout was nice and relaxing. All the kids played and the adults got to sit and relax a bit. Later we all went outside (neighbors) to watch the fireworks. Of course it was our usual crew and Dubba-D stopped by after the Red Sox game. They lost! I am not too happy about that!!!! The Yankees got smoked too so that lightens the upset just a little, lol.

For my birthday the kids made be Queen for the day and served me breakfast in bed. Oatmeal and toast with peanut butter, very cute!!!!! I got some SCRAPBOOK STUFF of course that my cute hubby picked out all by himself. We also had a cake. My mom took me clothes shopping, whooo!! I rarely shop for clothes because I'd rather spend my money on scrapsupplies, see the top 10 reasons you know you are a scrap addict.

Happy Birthday America. Thank you to all the troops who make our freedom possible.


Anonymous said...

This is great!!! Makes me want to pull out all my stuff that is shoved in a bag in the back of my closet and finally finish that project that has been hanging over my head... Thanks -- I love seeing pic's of the kids. Although you take them often, we don't get to see enough. Don't you wish our parents took more pic's of us...I'd love to see the pic titled ..."they call me UH flaming baby..."

MomInTraining3 said...

Cindy, LOL!!!!!! You are hilarious!!! Yes, I would love to see those pics, haaaaaaaaaaa. Get moving. If I was up there I would demand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL