Saturday, June 17, 2006

Confessions of a Scrapbooker! Ok, I'm an addict. I admit it. Most of us do. You know who you are out there. We know we're obsessed with our craft. We shop, we talk, we get together, we shop, we create, and we shop some more. It not just a hobby, its an addiction. I think the manufacturers out there are well aware of our weaknesses! Show me an avid scrapper and I will almost guarantee there is addiction to it in one form or another.

Here are 10 ways you know you might have a problem

1. Your child falls and scrapes her knee and you are thinking, hold on, I'll get to you after I finish this one last thing . . . on my page.

2. Your phone rings and you are annoyed that it is interupting your conversation on one of your yahoo groups.

3. Your closest friends, or the ones you talk to daily, are somewhere in cyber space.

4. Your idea of a celebrity is Lisa Bearnson, Donna Downey, Stacy Julian, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Shannon Taylor etc.

5. Your dream vacation would be a cruise or a weekend at Creating Keepsakes University with any and all of the above named "celebrities" . . . or you plan your family vacation around what scrapbook stores are in the area.

6. Everytime you have to make a purchase on something other than scrap supplies you cringe and think about what you could have bought with that money if you could have used it for scrap supplies. You no longer like to buy clothes or food because it may cut into your scrap spending.

7. You wait to bring your new scrap goodies in the house when your DH isn't home so you don't have to make it obvious what you are spending.

8. If you want to name your new dog Bazzill Rathbone, you might have a problem.

9. If you find yourself setting your alarm clock to 3 am to catch Lisa Bearnson's new product launch on QVC, you might be an addict.

10. If everytime you leave your house and your kids come running up to you screaming, mommy don't leave, don't go crapbooking! You just might have a problem!

But the one sure sign to absolutely know, you are a full blown addict, is when you plan to go to the beach just so you can use up some of that cool beach paper you've been eyeing.

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