Friday, June 23, 2006

Scraplist Challenge #2 from 2Peas

I just couldn't do. I couldn't leave my page the way it was. I will post it tomorrow I forgot to take a pic of it in natural light. Too much dead space up top. I really don't know how people do it? When they do I LOVE how it looks but I just can't seem to do that myself. So I changed it a little by moving my letters up and adding some Prima flowers.

Next challenge has been posted to Lisa(photo above). I think others want to join it. I can't wait to see al the different variations. We have until the end of the weekend to complete it.

Hung out with the kids in the pool today after running errands. I didn't even take pics. Imagine that, my children got to actually enjoy themselves without the crazy lady with the camera looking over their shoulders yelling, "hold that pose", "do that again!" "smile, I said smile" "can't you just sit still for one minute so I can get this picture, Billy, Billy, look at me, Jillian don't look away until the camera clicks, Kelly leave Billy alone and just smile" "Kelly you are old enough keep looking at the camera eventually Billy will look" Uggg poor kids.

I got my Scraprack yesterday!!! Whooo! I am in the process of organizing all my stuff.
I also got my shipment from I Remember When!!!!! So many mail goodies!!! I got all kinds of Jeneva paper on sale! I am going to make up packs and sell them.

I am doing great on my attempt to start to go to bed by midnight. Lets see it's 2:37 am. Have a scrappy day (that was dorky but it needed to be said!)

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