Monday, June 19, 2006

Confessions of a Scrapbooker

Ok, so I decided I really need to try and use the stuff I have instead of buying more. I think all scrappers try and talk themselves into this from time to time. I actually turned down a road trip to a Scrapbook Store in Orlando tomorrow. I'm really trying. So lets see how long I can pull of my self ban on buying. That would also mean I would have to challenge myself to use what I have so I can buy more. So hmmm, a page, a project a day perhaps??? With three kids home for the summer, can I do it realistically. Hmmmm, maybe a project a week and make myself submit something. Hmmm. It all sounds good for a goal but, OK NO BUTS, I'm having an argument her with myself, lol. I'm going to start there. I project/page a week and I must get over my fears and submit. Ok, its a self challenge. I'm on!!!!

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