Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Full Circle

Field of Dreams Childrens Hospital
On Friday, May 30th, Billy experienced a full circle moment. As a little boy growing up in Tampa, Florida he always loved the Cincinnati Reds and The Boston Red Sox. The Tampa Area didn't have their own team. I have a picture of him in a Red Sox uniform his grandmother made him as a little boy. As a huge Red Sox fan myself I can't tell you how much I cherish that photo.
His love for The Reds turned into an 8 year career in the minor leagues as an athletic trainer and on Friday he played in FENWAY PARK in his own Field of Dreams! What a day! What a dream come true! And to think I had to strong arm him into moving to Boston!
Next at bat is #13 Billy Maxwell
Billy in the dugout just like old times. Check out the name on the big screen. It says William Maxwell along with the announcement on the loud speaker.
The girls had fun making T-Shirts. Daddy sitting in the dugout waiting to go up to bat.
Little Billy checking out the park. Jillian, McKel, and Billy enjoy the seats behind home plate.
Hallowed Ground "The" dugout of the Boston Red Sox. Daddy showing us the line-up

Another view from the Dugout. The stairs to the locker room

I kept the kids out of school to experience this incredible opportunity. While daddy got suited up we sat right behind home plate in the very first seats. I don't have to tell any Bostonian what a chance that is. There is a running joke that you have to sell your home and sell your first born to even get near seats like that during a true game. We watched daddy play, little Billy chased around batman, spiderman, darth vader, and the green monster.

We all ate a hot dog lunch, enjoyed face painting, t-shirt making and went on a tour of Fenway. My words could never really explain what a great day we had. Or how blessed Billy felt by this experience. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

In front of the Boston Red Sox Locker room

Game Over

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Kimberly said...

That is sooooooooooo cool!!!! I'm so excited for him :o) Love the pictures, can't wait to see the layouts :o)