Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scrapbookers Nightmare. . .

My camera is Broken :-(

All of a sudden it just won't snap the picture. I spent what felt like forever on the computer with Sony CS. The only hope is to take it to an authorized servicer but of course there aren't any around here and I'd have to mail it. It will cost more to repair than the price of new camera. Looks like I need to get camera shopping. Just what I need is to spend money on a camera right now. Ugggggg! It's just that I was not able to capture the first day at the beach, the last day at school or the final events and cookout for soccer just to name a few. When we moved here in October I didn't get pics when they started school because my camera was packed. So I figured I would get pics at the end of the year. I suppose I will just have to journal in that spot for their school scrapbooks. No sense in whinning, although I really want to. Such huge life events shall remain photo less. Ouch that hurts!

Waiting to march in the parade

On a happier note, we had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. Filled with baseball, parades, cookouts, and the like! We marched in the Memorial Day parade. The kids were cute in their baseball uniforms waiving to their friends as they marched by. As always it ended at the Cemetery for a memorial speech and ceremony.

We visited Nana's grave and just enjoyed the beautiful breeze and ocean views. Then we went to Jenn and Greggs for celebration and games. McKel and Courtnie won the egg toss. Wow, I have to give them credit, that was tough. Even Jeannie and Ellen joined in. Jillian struggled with the donut contest. She just couldn't seem to grab hold of it. Bobbing for apples was hilarious. Jillian kept trying and trying until she got that apple. !!! Daddy and Joey Dunphy won their egg throw contest. The Maxwells really cleaned up with many medals! Next year we will host a musical chairs. I think it will be hilarious. Watch out America's funniest home videos!

We topped the evening off with Billy and Jillian's baseball game. What a gorgeous night to sit out at the ball field.

Life is Good!!

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