Saturday, August 04, 2012

Just won a Pile O' Fun!

I just won a Pile O' Fun from Rhonda's Design Studio!! Whooo! Maybe after the kids go back to school I will be able to get back to what I love the most. Pictures of my kids as they grow! I realized the other day when I happened upon a photo of my kids when they were little (they are now 14, 11, & 9) that after we moved from FL to MA I still don't have pictures up on my walls. That was in '07! I need to get back to what I love. I've turned my craft into a business and unfortunatly I've lost "that lovin' feeling" but I really need to get it back. It's my therapy. Well the universe must be telling me something because I entered a contest to win a stash of scrap goodies and I found out today that I won! I'll take that as a sign. How about you? Have you lost that scrap edge? Are you printing your pictures? If not, how about you join me in getting back to what you love.
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