Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bye, bye, baby

First Day of School 2005
Goofy Goobers 2007
Goofy Goobers continued

McKel and Jillian first day 05

Billy in 2005

My heart is wrenched. Tomorrow is the day. Well, sort of. Tomorrow is the first day of school. It's McKel and Jillians official first day of the first day of school. We came last year in October so the girls just slid into their classrooms and daily routines as the newcomers. McKel had to be the last kid on the roster the whole year, despite the alphebetical order. Now they get to start anew just like everyone else in the Brand new school!

We took a tour last week and it is incredible! The place is huge. The views are to die for overlooking Boston Harbor. It's the same school I once went to but it has been renovated. The kids are very excited about it. Jillian is in the new wing.

Billy has a meet and greet tomorrow at 11:00. We go in and see his classroom, meet his teacher and new friends. Thursday he has a half day and then Fri. is his first full day. I think they're doing a great job breaking in the parents, uhhhhmmm, I mean kindergarteners. When we left FL in October I was still rocking him at night and reading him stories before bed. He was still in his crib as a toddler bed. Now he's off to kindergarten. Geez, don't blink too long. He'll be in college before I can say, "look both ways before crossing the street". I tried to savor every moment. I got one more year than most. I guess its time to close this chapter of our family book. "The pre-school years". I've dreaded it for a while and now it's time. I am so happy for you Billy. I hope you love school and meet wonderful friends that you will keep for a lifetime. Hello Big yellow bus. By, bye, my Baby.

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Kimberly said...

Awwww what awesome pictures!!!And I can totally relate to sending your baby off to kindergarten. Hugs to you :)