Monday, February 12, 2007

Confessions of a Scrapbooker seems to be the proper title for the newest event sponsored by the local Scrapbook Stores in the Tampa Bay area! We are going on a Treasure Hunt. Check out the link here:

The goal is to hit up 14 local stores in a week (including the weekends). They really are all over the place. Zephyrhills, Clearwater, Sarasota, Lakeland, just to name a few. The biggest kicker is I am sooooooooo excited about doing it. You know you love scrapbooking when. . . . You agree to use up more gas than you could ever possibly dream just to complete the treasure hunt. . . . Spend days galavanting all over the place just to get your passport stamped. All for supplies you could get over the internet and have delivered right to your door. However, that wouldn't be as much fun now would it? I thought maybe I was crazy but when I went to get the passport bag I learned that just about all 500 bags sold out in approx. 3 days. So. . . . I guess I can find comfort in knowing I am not the only one crazy enough to do this, lol.

The true confession: I told my DH thats what I wanted for Valentines Day! No I don't want jewelery, or chocolates, I WANT SCRAP SUPPLIES AND I WANT TO DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I never denied I was OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

I love this album... such a great gift. Have fun on your treasure hunting!