Monday, November 06, 2006

Hello and Happy November

The month where 2 out of my 3 children turn another year older :-( .Ok, ok, I'll try not to complain. A time when families get together to celebrate the holidays, the official kick off for Christmas madness, and lets not forget Football, ahhh glorious football.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and think of all there is to be thankful for. Every night in my prayers I say why I'm thankful. What I've learned is it doesn't always have to be huge life events or happenings. I realize I am thankful for so many little things as well. It is a strange phenomenon too because I find this exerise of mine makes me feel good and helps lift my spirits.

Some examples include: I am grateful for this bed, my pillows~and boy do I have a lot of them, mount pillmore as they are so commonly refered to, my covers, the air conditioning and the fan (hey, I live in FL and its HOTT) I am grateful for a full stomach (no cracks please, lol) a roof over my head, for being an American, for my wonderful husband and my precious children. I often think about people in other countries who spend their entire day just looking for food and we have everything we need at our fingertips. I also thank him for the computer and for scrapbooking which is my obsession confession of the day! Just look around you and there is so much to be grateful for
So, what are you grateful for?

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