Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, snow, snow, snow!!!

I Believe I can Fly
What a winter so far! It's March and the snow keeps coming. The kids are having fun, but it is teeth chattering cold out there. Today it is 16 degree's. We will appreciate the warm weather just that much more when it gets here. So far this year is going great. The kids are doing good in school. We are past the year milestone since daddy got sick, we are almost done with winter and we are looking forward to Bonnie coming to visit for a couple of weeks! I am still not back into the scrap mode which is truly frightening becasue I didn't think it could ever happen but it has happened. Someday I'll get back to my hobby.
Jillian thinking, "I can fly" as she sleds down a thick sheet of ice behind our house. All this ice finally did melt. It took a long time because of the cold weather but most of it melted. There are still large piles of snow around town that will take a long time to finally melt. Maybe by April!
McKel gives it a whirl with a good push from daddy of course.
I've stopped, what's up with that?
Did someone say cheese?

Sledding up at the Village church. Now that is a hill to fear!!!!!
Here I come move out of the way!!!!

Walking back up the hill is half the battle

Bottom of the Hill and so much fun.

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