Thursday, August 30, 2007

Changes, Big Changes

Ch, ch, ch, changes, Isn't that how the song goes? August is all but gone and September is upon us. I jokingly call this time of year my Busy Season. It starts of course with Back to School. Kelly's Birthday, Billy's Birthday, Jillian's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas just to name a few. All wonderful things that add spice to life. It also marks another year. Kids milestones that come and go so fast. Kelly will be 10 this year. My little baby girl isn't a baby any more. Jal pal will be 7 and that just breaks my heart. My little baby Billy turns 5, five, yes one, two, three, four, 5! I still rock him to bed every night. I am just not ready for this but as we all learn time waits for no one!
We think we have a pet! There has been a stray kitty in our neighborhood and we have been feeding her. Poor little thing is so skinny. None of us are really cat people but we all fell in love with this little cutie pie! We just don't know if she is healthy or not so we need to take her to the vet. Problem is they want 200 dollars, yikes! Anyway, I have some really huge news that has to do with changes but I can't reveal it now. So until next time . . .

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