Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random pics
Daddy flipping pancakes for Mrs. Buck's 3rd grade class. Kelly was so happy her daddy volunteered for the read in. There was quite a bit of rivalry between the men and their pancakes. Is there anything they won't turn into a sport. First it was who's were the roundest, cooked the best and who's didn't stick to the pan. Daddy of course, being the cook that he is, had no problem with his perfectly rounded and cooked masterpieces! Look at those pancakes on that griddle!!!!!!!!!!

Billy and daddy on a tractor. We went to a birthday party for Hollis and the theme was a farm. They had it at a friends house who owns a beautiful barn and acres of property. Billy was very enamored by the tractor and he just had to try it out!

Them some more Christmas pics.

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